Friday, February 15, 2013

Stay Tuned!!

I want to let you know I will be making a big announcement very soon!

This news is something very exciting for me (and my family and friends and my local community). I want to make sure the stars are aligned and things are moving forward before I announce anything publicly.

For now, I need to stay focused and centered! One step at a time!


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Decor and More!

Decorating for Christmas this year has been really fun! I think it is, in part, because I am not working retail (in addition to my full-time job) this year. I actually have time and energy to do the house up right for Christmas! Below are some pictures of some of the decorating I have finished:

This is the mantel in the front parlor (the front room in the house). The fireplace no longer works (I am not sure what the problem is exactly). Decorating this mantel is so much fun, no matter the season. With the beautiful wood mantel and huge mirror it looks great without decorations, too!
I finished this mantel today! It has taken me a week or more to get things looking 'good enough' for me to be satified. I think the woodbox needs a little something flanking the box, but until I looked at the photo, I didn't really notice that. OK, truth be told, until just before the picture was taken there was a HUGE pile of stuff blocking most of the far right side of the hearth. Some of  the stuff I moved off the bricks has been there for over a year (it is embarrassing, but true). The good news is that I have moved it now and it is going to stay cleared off! Maybe I will look at putting something there tomorrow (holiday decor, I mean - not more 'stuff'). The JOY is not a  secured piece, yet. My son and I still need to bling-it-up a bit before it gets hung up 'for real'. I put it up for the photo to see what it looks like. I like it! I just need a good way to secure it to the brick or hang it from the mantel or something. Your suggestions are welcome and encouraged!! Thank you in advance :)
I was talking to my mom this week and I mentioned that top of the piano needed a little something 'extra'. The manger is fantastic, but the top of the piano looked a little plain with just the manger scene. My mom suggested using the candlesticks from my grandma. So today I unpacked the candles, put them in the candlesticks that were on a shelf in the guest room and voilĂ  the piano looks great!

 Another view, but this time with the camera flash turned on.  See the cute mantel in the mirror?
My mom and I found Mr. and Mrs. Claus at a second hand shop years and years ago now. I still
think they are so fun! The arms and heads move when they are on. I put them out every year!
This is the front entry of my house. I love the mirror decorated like this. While it is hard to get a good
picture of a mirror, I think this picture gives you an idea of what it looks like.
I picked up this little sign this year. It lives on the front porch, to the left of my front door.
I got this little snowman head from my mother-in-law a couple of years
ago. It hangs on the light that is on the right side of my front door.
Inside the front door we have another door that takes you from the entry of
the house to the parlor (or front room) of the house. I found this flag at Pier1
three years ago. This year is the first year I have actually put it out. I have
no idea what I was waiting for, but I might keep it up all year now - LOL
This is my son's little tree. It is living on my bistro table on the front porch.
I love that we can see it through the porch windows! There are only three
ornaments on the tree - three angels. This sweet little tree was $4. My son
purchased it with his allowance. It came with beads and ornaments too, but
those decorations will wait for another year!
This fake tree was here when we moved in. I took me over six months to notice
that it had lights on it. I think it is a different kind of tree for holiday lights,
but it is festive and fun for year-round use on the front porch!
So, there you go. The only thing I have not shown you here is my tree. I am saving that for another post.  In that post I will share my tree, my homemade ornaments, and some of my favorites too! Until then... thank you for checking out my blog!

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Will I have a White Christmas?

Odds are in favor of a White Christmas for Western Wisconsin this year! Yesterday, we got 12" of snow. The forecast was for 3-6 inches, but alas, Mother Nature had a different plan.

This is a view from my back porch.

Here is a ruler (see the markings on
the left?), it shows 11" of snow, but
it snowed for another hour or two.

From the front steps, you can see my lamp post is
looking good. The garland wrapped around the
post held up well even with a bunch of snow.
My Best!